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What we did

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About This Project

One of our first projects East London NHS Foundation Trust was their microsites platform. The Trust needed a central hub for hosting microsites for individual health-related departments and services that need their own web presence.  These include entities such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), THEDS (mental health promotion in Tower Hamlets) and the Mother and Baby Unit services.

The Trust wanted a single hosting contract and one CMS with which it could manage all the various sites in one place. At the same time, the desired platform needed to provide sufficient flexibility for each individual entity to have its own character, its own URL and its own visual theme, while sharing the same basic website shape. Winona designed and built the microsites platform which is now host to 10 individual service sites, all implement to very tight timescales and budgets.

The flexibility built into the platform makes it possible to manage the web presence of a wide variety of organisations from one central Trust-based team while also giving day to day content and style ownership to the organisations themselves. See our case studies of the CAMHS microsite to see what this looks like in practice.  We’ve also designed the individual sites for SHINE, THEDS, Telehealth, QIP, Primary and Integrated Mental Health Care, the Mother and Baby Unit, MUS and VOLUME.